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          Investment bank

          Debt financing tool Class B main underwriter: It means all debt financing tool products issued by our bank, as main underwriter, to issuer in Liaoning Province in the interbank market.

          Credit asset securitization product: It means the security that our bank, as the sponsor, screens out a group of qualified loans in the stock credit assets to constitute asset pool trust to trustee organization according to a certain standard, and the trustee organization issues the security to all investment organizations in the form of asset backed security.

          Investment and financing integration: It means a kind of innovative business mode combining investment and financing that our bank provides a certain loan preferential policy for the scientifically innovative small and micro enterprise that meets the entry condition, the enterprise signs the equity purchasing right agreement with the third-party cooperative organization assigned by our bank, and our bank can preferentially participate in enterprise equity financing through the third-party cooperative organization in the future, and finally obtain the equity premium earning.

          Merger and acquisition loan: It means the loan that is issued by the commercial bank to the acquirer or its subsidiary, and is used for payment of merger and acquisition transaction price and fees.

          Industry fund: It means the financing business serving the industrial financial service through combining with industrial finance, and the collective investment of benefit sharing and risk sharing that provides equity investment and operation management service for enterprise.

          Structured merger and acquisition fund: It means the fund that is concentrated on implementing merger and acquisition business for target enterprise or asset, i.e., the fund that will be withdrawn timely and obtain the reasonable earning after the asset value is improved through transfer of existing equity, subscription of the added equity, acquisition of assets, undertaking of debt, restructuring, transformation and cultivation.

          Investment fund of the state-owned enterprise: It means the business that provides financial service for the above enterprise or other assigned subjects through the carrier with specific purpose based on the credit of the state-owned enterprise.

          Government investment fund: It means the capital that is established through individual contribution or joint contribution with social capital by the governments at all levels through budget arrangement to guide the key fields and weak links of various capital investment economic and social developments and support the development of relevant industry and field by adopting equity investment and other marketization manners.

          Financing financial advisor: It means the business that the intermediary designs the financing plan according to the demands of the financier and investor, organizes the financier and investor for business negotiation so that the financier can obtain the capital finally, and the intermediary collects the income of financial advisor.

          Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

          Customer service telephone: 4006640099


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